Weekend Working & Video Games Live Review

So I’m drowning in a sea of work today, for the first time in a while. I remain my organised self but there’s a lot of stuff to get through – this might be short, or not. Depends how many quiet moments I get to try and update you guys.


I had a great weekend. At least as great as it could be when you work for 17 hours of it whilst running a full time job alongside it. It’s our second full weekend there and we are now on out 15th straight day in work. We are tired, but we are looking forward to the funds injection that it will bring and our long awaited trip to Prague in exactly thirty days.

By that point, I wanted to be in the 10 stone band – my ultimate goal being to get to 9 stone dead on by around February time. Well, this week we have been super strict with ourselves on the food front, following a diet I found on a blog which is basically a sophisticated form of starvation. It claims to be based on chemicals and all that kind of jazz, but you eat basically nothing. But it’s all Slimming World friendly so that’s what we’ve done.

Now either it has worked with a devastating amount of success, or my scales have completely given up the ghost because this morning, I hopped on… bleary eyed and wearing less than I would at weigh-in… and apparently, if they are to be believed, this week, I have lost 15lb. 15LB. I tried three times, I moved them and I got Mr D to bear witness and the buggers didn’t budge. I wish I hadn’t weighed myself, because frankly I’ve just got myself excited and they are almost definitely wrong and Tuesday night will suck. I’ll keep you posted though and I’m quietly optimistic… they’ve been heading down steadily so you never know!

Happily, we’re back on NORMAL food Slimming World style as of Wednesday so expect A LOT more posts, mainly recipes 🙂

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Oh my WORD.

It’s been a while and I’m really sorry.

I’ve not fallen off the wagon fatties wise, I’m pleased to say. Just blogging wise and that’s not great. I’m a whole stone and a bit lighter than when I started, which is good news but last week wasn’t awesome and we didn’t stay for group. Mr D was rather miffed off with himself this Tuesday and didn’t really want to face Image Therapy. We all have days like that, but the shock on the scales has spurred us both into super strict mode – which has meant that I’ve been a bit hungry this week.

That’s the least of the updates to be honest though.

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IMG_20140927_115440So, I’ve not filled this out for a few days – in the excited, giddy happiness that has ensued since my last post I’ve become officially engaged (yes, the wedding’s been booked for a month but the actual proposal happened on Saturday. It’s not traditional, but it’s us). In front of a hoard of Brownies and Girl Guides (who very nicely congratulated us after I said yes!) I officially became Mrs D To Be. Which was awesome… it was then followed up with the surprise appearance of my parents, my sister and my grandparents and we all had a big family meal with some of Mr D’s family also after our jaunt to the zoo. Was wonderful.

We also went to a wedding fair on Sunday… man am I glad that I’m putting the effort into doing a lot of the stuff myself. People literally make money out of nothing when it comes to weddings, all the stationary and stuff is outrageous and is nothing more complex than I could put together myself. I even saw a bunch of women just trying out wedding dresses in the middle of EventCity – just parading around in their bras and stuff. I found it really, really strange – I always thought that getting a wedding dress was an occasion in itself, you get your bridal party with you and you try on a bunch of different dresses and your mum starts crying and… you know, all that kind of stuff. Certainly didn’t think anyone would want to try them out in a packed out wedding fair! Needless to say that it’s my idea of hell and not something I’ll be participating in when dress shopping becomes a thing in spring next year (by which point I hope the majority of my weight has gone). Continue reading

It’s Friday!!

Feeling pretty good today. I went to my cake decorating class yesterday, with my sloping cake (an oven mishap) and managed to avoid chomping down on an entire cake with icing. In fact, I made the most of theIMG_20140925_200543 slope and put a little robot with skis on it. At least that’s what it was meant to be, but you guys can be the judges on whether it looks anything remotely like it – for my first try, I was incredibly pleased. Mr D has clearly outshone me though (not even mad, it looks amazing for a first ever attempt).

I do that awful thing where I jump on the scales all the time to “check my progress” – it’s not normally a problem. I’m not one of those people that gets disheartened and starts eating everything in sight if they don’t say what I want them to. The reason for that, is that I never believe what they say anyway, so I don’t know why I bother hopping on. This morning is no different – because if my scales are right, I’ve lost 6lb in two days on plan.

Yeahno. But it’d be nice, so we’re carrying on as is with the following entering my face today.


  • BREAKFAST – Half a grapefruit, Coffee with 50ml of almond milk and a sweetener, sugar free vimto (part of HxA)
  • LUNCH – Leftover cottage pie from last night, vanilla mullerlight, black grapes, blueberries and strawberries
  • DINNER – Homemade beef burgers with lettuce leaf wraps, parsnip chips and corn on the cob.
  • SNACKS – Seductive Salted Caramel Hi-Fi Bar (HxB)

And TOMORROW, is the zoo. I’m excited. You probably won’t hear from me but you’ll be glad to hear that I will be avoiding the waffle stand and doing a batch of chicken portions to nibble on whilst we walk around. Probably taunt a tiger with it!

So this is new…

Well, at least part of it is. The part where I get married.

Let’s rewind a bit. In November 2012, I joined Slimming World for the third time (firstOur Wedding Rings! one was disastrous, second one not so much) and I was the fattest, heaviest and most disgusting I had ever felt in my short 24 years. I was 13st 8lbs, had not long had a new job, moved to a new city and was beginning a whole new life. I joined with my then boyfriend (now fiancee) and together we lost around 10 stone between us. A year later, at my target weight of 10st, I decided I didn’t need to go anymore.

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