Weekend Working & Video Games Live Review

So I’m drowning in a sea of work today, for the first time in a while. I remain my organised self but there’s a lot of stuff to get through – this might be short, or not. Depends how many quiet moments I get to try and update you guys.


I had a great weekend. At least as great as it could be when you work for 17 hours of it whilst running a full time job alongside it. It’s our second full weekend there and we are now on out 15th straight day in work. We are tired, but we are looking forward to the funds injection that it will bring and our long awaited trip to Prague in exactly thirty days.

By that point, I wanted to be in the 10 stone band – my ultimate goal being to get to 9 stone dead on by around February time. Well, this week we have been super strict with ourselves on the food front, following a diet I found on a blog which is basically a sophisticated form of starvation. It claims to be based on chemicals and all that kind of jazz, but you eat basically nothing. But it’s all Slimming World friendly so that’s what we’ve done.

Now either it has worked with a devastating amount of success, or my scales have completely given up the ghost because this morning, I hopped on… bleary eyed and wearing less than I would at weigh-in… and apparently, if they are to be believed, this week, I have lost 15lb. 15LB. I tried three times, I moved them and I got Mr D to bear witness and the buggers didn’t budge. I wish I hadn’t weighed myself, because frankly I’ve just got myself excited and they are almost definitely wrong and Tuesday night will suck. I’ll keep you posted though and I’m quietly optimistic… they’ve been heading down steadily so you never know!

Happily, we’re back on NORMAL food Slimming World style as of Wednesday so expect A LOT more posts, mainly recipes 🙂

So what made this weekend so awesome, I hear you ask…. VIDEO GAMES LIVE did.

If you’re not a gamer, you might wanna switch off for this bit, beecause I’m going to go into a great massive review of frankly one of the best gigs I have ever been to.

I’ve been a fan of video games since I was really little… like, six years old when my little brother was bought a Sega Master System and I hijacked an Atari that was bought for a steal at a car boot sale. Since then, the games I play and the friends I made through playing them have helped shape me into the person I am today in a lot of ways. It’s not taught me to be a good loser yet, but I’m hopeful I’ll not need to master that too much anyway.

Video Games Live was a Hungarian Orchestra and Choir performing a solid three hours of an eclectic mix of video game music throughout the years. Highlights of the Manchester gig I went to included Monkey Island, Earthworm Jim and the most incredible rendition of the opening theme to Final Fantasy VIII. So beautiful I felt my stomach tie up in knots and tears forming in my eyes. I’m not normally that way… and I’ve never, until Saturday night, been that moved by music.

If you have some amazing memories of video games, some wonderful stories of spending a night in front of a Playstation with your mates and love a bit of incredible nostalgia and damn fine music, catch them whenever you can. They’re not in the UK often, but they are very much worth the wait for anyone with an appreciation of this wonderful art form.

Happy Monday everyone 🙂


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