So this is new…

Well, at least part of it is. The part where I get married.

Let’s rewind a bit. In November 2012, I joined Slimming World for the third time (firstOur Wedding Rings! one was disastrous, second one not so much) and I was the fattest, heaviest and most disgusting I had ever felt in my short 24 years. I was 13st 8lbs, had not long had a new job, moved to a new city and was beginning a whole new life. I joined with my then boyfriend (now fiancee) and together we lost around 10 stone between us. A year later, at my target weight of 10st, I decided I didn’t need to go anymore.

I’m sure you can guess what happened after that. I put half of it back on. My other half put nearly all of it back on. We figured we’d get back on it ourselves. Tried all sorts of different plans, different consultants – it sucked. So this Tuesday, 23rd September 2014, we bit the bullet and went back to our original group. Having to look some of the members in the eye and show how far we’d slipped back into our original takeaway habits that had got us there in the first place.

Unlike before however, we have motivation in the form of a wedding. Ours. November 15th 2015 after what will be four years together, we’re having our fairytale castle wedding and I’ll become Mrs D. Awesome right? Will be if I can outrun the fatty desperate to devour me!

Today, like the next 9 Thursdays poses a threat to my first week motivation. Hubby to be and I are enrolled in a cake decorating course so that we can be at least a little bit better equipped to produce our own wedding cake. I made them last night and well, had to cut the top off the chocolate fudge cake. I’m fairly certain I didn’t go over my syns with the scraps but I could probably have done without it anyway. Needless to say my workmates are getting to eat the results of my labour tomorrow… unless it looks hideous. Then it’s getting binned.

I’ll post the results either way and give you a good laugh! 🙂

To keep me going until 9pm tonight, I’ve stuffed myself with these wonderful things.


  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, 40g Simply Fruity Muesli & 250ml Unsweetened Almond Milk (part of HxA & HxB)
  • Lunch – 1 packet of Cheese & Broccoli Pasta & Sauce, Toffee Mullerlight with blueberries & black grapes, Coffee with no sweetener & 50ml (part of HxA)
  • Dinner – Cottage Pie (4% fat turkey mince, carrots, onions, beef stock, seasoning and herbs, mashed carrot, swede and broccoli top)

Screw you, cake. I clearly don’t need you. 


3 thoughts on “So this is new…

  1. Well done with rejoining your old group, I can only imagine what you must of been feeling. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, what a facus for weight loss. You’ve already done it once im confident you xan do it again


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