IMG_20140927_115440So, I’ve not filled this out for a few days – in the excited, giddy happiness that has ensued since my last post I’ve become officially engaged (yes, the wedding’s been booked for a month but the actual proposal happened on Saturday. It’s not traditional, but it’s us). In front of a hoard of Brownies and Girl Guides (who very nicely congratulated us after I said yes!) I officially became Mrs D To Be. Which was awesome… it was then followed up with the surprise appearance of my parents, my sister and my grandparents and we all had a big family meal with some of Mr D’s family also after our jaunt to the zoo. Was wonderful.

We also went to a wedding fair on Sunday… man am I glad that I’m putting the effort into doing a lot of the stuff myself. People literally make money out of nothing when it comes to weddings, all the stationary and stuff is outrageous and is nothing more complex than I could put together myself. I even saw a bunch of women just trying out wedding dresses in the middle of EventCity – just parading around in their bras and stuff. I found it really, really strange – I always thought that getting a wedding dress was an occasion in itself, you get your bridal party with you and you try on a bunch of different dresses and your mum starts crying and… you know, all that kind of stuff. Certainly didn’t think anyone would want to try them out in a packed out wedding fair! Needless to say that it’s my idea of hell and not something I’ll be participating in when dress shopping becomes a thing in spring next year (by which point I hope the majority of my weight has gone).

This weekend was hard, on the fatties front. I did well though I think – I treated myself to some ice cream, whilst Mr D had a waffle. The Waffle Stand at Chester Zoo has never been open when we’ve visited in the now three years we’ve been together. On this day it was and Mr D simply couldn’t resist – so that happened. I allocated my 15 daily syns for my two ice cream dollops and figured that would be the end of it.

Then they spring the meal on me – I’m very good though. Gammon loin with egg, ttumblr_lv5vpbma6u1qlrgoxo1_500omato, mushroom and salad instead of chips. Weigh in rolls around and I’m 6 POUNDS down! I’ve never lost that amount in one go before so I’m thrilled. Mr D is 4 AND A HALF POUNDS down, even with his fish and chip meal. Almost jealous but for the first time I’ve beaten him at weigh in. He swears it’s the last time though and I believe him.

We didn’t stay for group last night because I felt really ill – but today I’ve got a bit more zing and I’m ready to at least get another pound off for my first shiny sticker. Food today is looking a little something like this.IMG_20141001_084449

  • BREAKFAST – Half a grapefruit, coffee with almond milk, toffee mullerlight and 5 scan brans (part of HxA & HxB)
  • LUNCH – Jacket potato with baked beans
  • DINNER – Fry up with bacon, eggs, fried onions, tomatoes, rosemary and red onion sausages and spaghetti hoops.

Happy shrinking folks!!


One thought on “IT’S OFFICIAL!

  1. Well done on your 6lb loss and beating the other half 🙂 You did really well considering the meal was not in your plan. Congrats on getting you ring 🙂 I agree with the whole wedding fayre thing running around in underwear in a packed hall is not a good idea. ICE CREAM omg jealous, i have just got some low syn jelly pots for my week ahead though 🙂


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