Oh my WORD.

It’s been a while and I’m really sorry.

I’ve not fallen off the wagon fatties wise, I’m pleased to say. Just blogging wise and that’s not great. I’m a whole stone and a bit lighter than when I started, which is good news but last week wasn’t awesome and we didn’t stay for group. Mr D was rather miffed off with himself this Tuesday and didn’t really want to face Image Therapy. We all have days like that, but the shock on the scales has spurred us both into super strict mode – which has meant that I’ve been a bit hungry this week.

That’s the least of the updates to be honest though.

We have taken on second jobs – meaning that 7 days a week for at least the next three months, we are busy worker bees in the name of saving money for our big day. We’ve worked it out and the pros of having the money vastly outweigh the cons of not having a life for a few months. We’re working in a Customer Service Centre for some well-known websites answering e-mail queries and telephone calls – it’s fairly basic stuff and for now, it’s a three month contract until the end of January… if it goes well and we don’t feel too much like we’re going to die, we might stick at it a bit more. It’s eating into my blogging time something rotten though!

Today is a fruit and steak day (my favourite kind of day) so I’m looking forward to getting home and chowing down on a massive slab of meat. Stop making that ruder than it is. It’s totally syn free and there’s about eight portions of superfree in my breakfast and lunch.

Just under two stone to go… and I’ve set myself a target date (ish) of February next year. That’s when I need to start dress shopping so I need to get my head down and pull my finger out by then! Hints and tips for staying on track very, very much appreciated!

I’m back properly now, promise. Photos in the next post too – I’m just feeling a bit lazy today!


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